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Welcome to my site!

Author Suzonne Evans Underwood is a wife, mother, and the author of four books.  Inspired to write her first book out of the concern for her daughters and other teens in our changing world, Suzonne’s love for writing has blossomed into a rewarding career. 

In Growing With Grace, Suzonne shares her concerns about the dangers of underage drinking and other risky behaviors with her daughters. Educating her children and teens everywhere of tragedies which could have been avoided, she provides a timely message and alternatives to help them lead healthy and prosperous lives. It’s a touching, heartfelt message of love and guidance for teens everywhere.


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As a camp counselor, I've been using your page with information on drunk driving ( for a seminar we're holding at our local library.  Thanks for making it; it's been helpful!

Our camp likes to educate not only our members, but the community as a whole...especially around the holidays.  We hold these seminars bi-monthly, and the turn outs are always good!  While researching, our group found a couple of good pages that aren't listed on your site:
"Addiction Recovery - Alcohol Abuse"
"Drunk Driving Prevention Resources"

Would you mind including them for me? I think your visitors could benefit from the information.  ...And not to mention, I'd like my group to know they're 'paying it forward', so to speak. Hope to hear from you soon :)



Hello there,

I just wanted to send you over a quick thank you for your resources on alcohol and underage drinking. My name is Janelle and I help run an after school tutoring program in Colorado. I am currently working with some ninth graders on a variety of subjects. This past week, their health teacher gave them an assignment about the dangers of underage drinking and I've been challenging my students to find some informative web resources on alcohol abuse and underage drinking. One of my students Sam, came across your resource page . I just wanted to extend my thanks and tell you that you have some really great resources on it.

Sam also found this article while doing some research and we thought you might want to add it to your page because it could help you and others as well.

"The Alcohol Information Guide"

Thanks again and if you have any tips or information for my group, I'd love to hear them.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Janelle Torres,
After School Care Programs